Clearance Policy and Procedure

University policy requires that each NYU College, School, Center, and Institution obtain clearance from the Corporate and Foundation Relations Department before approaching a foundation or corporation for support, unless an open invitation,such as program solicitation, has been publicly extended.  In all cases, we expect that the originating school and/or faculty will inform us (either directly, or through their School’s Development Director) of all submissions to foundations and corporations, including when these submissions are renewals, invited, or responses to (non limited) Requests for Proposals.  Compliance with this policy ensures that solicitations by the respective Schools and the University do not conflict and is therefore critical to the effective development of all representatives of the University.

When to Request Clearance

Clearance should be sought

If you decided to renew a clearance for a continuing solicitation or award

If you intend to make appointments for yourself or a colleague

If calls are going to be made to an organization by you, a faculty member, school, or Dean’s office staff member.

How To Obtain Clearance

To apply for clearance,please complete and submit a Prospect Clearance Request Form to Mara Levine Bennett via email at mlb10@nyu.edu, fax(212) 995-4020, or interoffice mail; all fields on the form other than those designated“optional” must be completed in order for the form to be processed.  Within one week of receipt of the Prospect Clearance Form (or sooner, if expedited review is required), the form will be returned to the requesting staff member with a written response and, if clearance is granted, a new Advance prospect ID number will be created.

*To obtain an electronic copy of the form visit UDAR Web space at (https://webspace.nyu.edu/xythoswfs/webview/xythoslogin.action).   Onceyou’ve logged in, go to UDAR Services then Corporate and Foundation Relations.

*You will need to login with your NYU user ID and password; if you are unable to login please contact Tameka Hipp via email at tameka.hipp@nyu.edu fora further approach. 

Expired Clearances

Clearances are granted for three months at a time.  It is expected that, in most cases, this period is adequate for the preparation within the three moth period, a clearance extension may be requested by contacting Mara Levine Bennet via email at mlb10@nyu.edu, however,an extension should only be sought when it is necessary to complete an ongoing cultivation effort and should not be used to circumvent the clearance period rule or to reserve a clearance for a future approach.

Prospect Maintenance

When a clearance request is granted, our department will create a new Advance prospect record for the relevant corporation or foundation.  The new records will include task screen describing the initial task (for instance, “send letter of inquiry”) and the scheduled date of completion.  Overall maintenance, including future tasks and contact reports is the responsibility of the assigned staff. 

New Advance prospect records for corporations and foundations may be created only by the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations. 

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