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Coral in the Arabian Gulf have adapted to temperatures that can top 97 degrees Fahrenheit. NYU Abu Dhabi researchers are working to understand how.
Playdough and Legos are among the most popular childhood building blocks. But what could you use if you wanted to create something really small—a structure less than the width of a human hair? It turns out, a team of NYU chemists has found, this can be achieved by creating particles that have both playdough and Lego traits.
A team of scientists has revealed an internal clock within live human cells, a finding that creates new opportunities for understanding the building blocks of life and the onset of disease.
A team of biologists has found an unexpected source for the brain’s development, a finding that offers new insights into the building of the nervous system.
Top research findings from the past month.
Research on the neurobiology of bilingualism has suggested that switching languages is inherently effortful, requiring executive control to manage cognitive functions, but a new study shows this is only the case when speakers are prompted, or forced, to do so.
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development three grants totaling more than $4 million for research working to improve computer science and computational thinking in elementary and middle schools.
A team of NYU chemists has created a series of three-dimensional structures that take a step closer to resembling those found in nature.
A team of researchers has developed a new mechanism that uses machine-learning algorithms to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit versions of the same product.
Ants genetically engineered to lack their “sense of smell” became unable to communicate, forage or compete to be a queen, as their antennae and brain circuits failed to fully develop, finds a new study by NYU researchers
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